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Terms and Conditions

  • After you place an order we will check availability of requested items and send you an Order Confirmation within 24h.
  • For raw foods, like meat and fish, you have to specify in Your Note how you would like to be processed.
  • If some products are not available, we’ll provide you the best alternative. If there is no alternative, we’ll inform you accordingly.
  • The order has to be placed latest 48h before delivery time, for late orders there is no guaranty that all items will be delivered.
  • Minimum order cannot be less than 200 EUR.
  • All prices are in EURO (EUR) and include 19% and 7% VAT.
  • Product prices are subject to change throughout the season without warning.
  • All goods will be delivered packed in cardboard boxes and plastic bags.
  • Each delivery will be accompanied by a delivery note which shows the order reference number, the type and quantity of the goods. This not refers on late orders.
  • The goods will be delivered on the location set out in the Delivery Details or the other location as the parties may agree.
  • Delivery in any port/marina stated in Delivery Details will not be charged.
  • The quality of delivered goods can vary 5% more or less than the quality of ordered items. If this value is higher you can reject the items by advising immediately delivery person or phone / e-mail our office within 1 h.
  • Specially ordered items, partially used or opened items cannot be returned.
  • You can cancel your order at latest 48h before delivery. This refers only on items that will be supplied from local market.
  • Confirmed order cannot be cancelled if we need to import the items from abroad.
  • Payment can be settled by Cash on delivery, Credit Card on delivery or Wire transfer. All credit card payments are subject to a 3% bank fee. Wire transfer will be approved only to the clients who have pre agreement with us.
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